LED Touch Screen Makeup Mirror

BD 8.000
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Brand New & High quality.

21 LED light evenly illuminates, to provide the perfect

mirroring experience in dim lighting condition. Enegy Efficient bulit-in LED lights, keep

cool while conserving energy.

Two-way powered, 4*AAA batteries(NOT INCLUDED) or operated by external Mirco USB

port, you can use Power Bank, USB Wall Charger, PC Desktop or Laptop to light it,a backup

power-way when batteries run out.

Power switch on the back, flip to ON. Small circle on the bottom center the mirror, touch

circle, ON / OFF light.

1X, 2X and 3X Magnification – Get the close view with the mirror, which magnify your

image. It's ideal for applying eyeliner, eye makeup, and other tasks that require

precision. It has a regular mirror on one size and the magnifying mirrors on the other,

making this a very versatile tool for your beauty collection.

Adjustable tilt stand that allows you to position it to your preference, and to use the

mirror even if you’re standing up. Tri-folded design will save a lot of space of your



Size :28*19*7cm

Material: ABS + glass

Light source: led lamps

Color: white, pink, black

Powered by: 4*AAA batteries(not include)

Package Included:

1x LED Makeup Mirror

1x Retail box


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