ALZAEEM Food Basket contains 15 such as burger, kebabs, kofta, shish tawook, pop corn, chicken, meat, potatoes, okra, vegetables..

BHD 15.000
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ALZAEEM Basket 8, contains a collection of the distinctive and important family food needs. It's available now with discounted price, saving your moeny and buy it for your home and you could send it to any address too.

The Basket Contents:

  1. Meat burger.
  2. Chicken burger.
  3. Shish Tawouk
  4. Chicken Tikka
  5. Hot chicken fillet.
  6. Bob Korn Chicken.
  7. Premium Okra 400g.
  8. 400 grams of processed vegetables.
  9. Mini chicken burger with fingerprints.
  10. Meat Loaf.
  11. Chicken Kebab.
  12. Minced chicken.
  13. Chunks of chicken are 1 Kilo.
  14. AlZAEEM Potato 900 grams.
  15. Minced meat.

For delivery in same day please send the order before 10 am. The orders that sent after 10 am will send next day.

100% Halal.

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