Microwavable Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box with Spoon and Fork, 5 Compartments, 1.3L, double wall, LEAKPROOF, BPA free

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  • Leakproof.
  • Double wall 5 compartments with cutlery - it keep meals and snacks fresh and mess-free.
  • Microwave safe if put it without lid and cutlery, freezer safe, dishwasher safe.
  • Come with a spoon and fork.
  • The middle section is intended for thick liquids such as ketchup to prevent mixing with other sections.
  • BPA free,Made of eco friendly wheat straw.
  • Designed with kid-friendly.
  • Easy to open and clean.

Materials: Wheat Straw, Silicons

Size: 22 X 18.2 X 7.2 cm

Weight: 579g (without cutlery)
Shipping Weight: 690g


Anniversary Offers:


ممتازة وعملية وتنظيفها سهل
وصلت مع الشكر الجزيل لسرعة التوصيل ولكم
يعطيكم العافيه
المنتج عجبني واجد
وأهم شي فيه يتسخن في المكرويف وما فيه مواد بلاستيكية
وخدمة ممتازة وسريعة جنى مول
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