QHow to Signup or Register?

1. Select "Login/Register" from User menu.

2. You have ability to sing in by your Gmail, Facebook or twitter account. If you don't like login by the third-parity service please press "Register for a new account" and fill the simple registration form. Suppose you choose Gmail login:

3. Allow Gmail permission to create your account.

4. Your JanaMall account is ready now. You will show your first name on User menu title.

Now you could login to JanaMall any time by Gmail info or your email and password.


QHow to booking a travel trip?

1. Choose travel trip and date.

2. Make sure to tick this box for the advance payment for each person on our website.

3. Specify the number of adults and children to calculate the full amount.

4. Complete the purchase and add it to the shopping cart.

QHow to buy?

1- Access the product page and select Options.

2-You can browse the products you have selected from the shopping cart.

The product information you selected will be reviewed

3- If you are sure of the products you want to buy, you can complete the purchase.

4- Enter your email and password.

5- Enter your shipping address information.

6-Select the appropriate delivery service.

7-Select your payment card.

8-Send your request if you confirm all your data.

QHow to edit my profile details?
A1- Click on your personal account to see details

2. You can change your profile or address

3. Don't forget to save the modifications

Q How to buy from Amazon via Janamall?

1- When you enter the JanaMall and from the "categorie" menu, choose "E-services".

2. Click on "Buy from Amazon" to take you to the page.

3.Copy of the product link you have chosen from Amazon.com through (share menu).

4. Go back to JanaMall and paste the product link into Product URL field.

5. If there are more specifications and details of products, please type it in the Product Option text box as shown below, for example Color, Size or Other. Then press "Add To Cart" to complete the process.

6. If you wish to complete the purchase (Continue Shopping), or if you finish shopping (Checkout).

7- Sign up if you are a member of the JanaMall or register as new, please note you could easily login by your gmail, facebook or twitter.

8. Press (Continue).

9. Please, accept the term and submit the order.

10. When you complete the above steps, JanaMall team will send an email to complete the payment process, click on the link as shown below.

11. Choose your payment method and then (Pay Order).

12. You are complete now, and JanaMall team will follow your order until delivered to your address.

QHow to save multiple addresses to use it later?
A1. Click on the you profile

2. Create a new address profile in your personal account

3 - Make sure you enter a special name for the new address.

QHow to save items to the favorite list?

1. Press the heart mark near the product to save in your wish list

Or enter the product and pressure on

2. For the wish list press on your personal account

3. In the wish list you can delete unwanted products

QHow to compare between items or offers?
A1. Choose the products or services you want to compare, then add them to the comparison list

2. A confirmation page will appear, close it and choose the product and service you would like to compare

3. Go to your profile and you will find the list you have added for comparison

QHow to use the Gift Certificate?

Gana Mall provides a "gift Certificate" service through which the registered user sends it to any other person after payment through the platform payment gateway.


The registered user can purchase the specified gift Certificate after specifying the amount of the gift and stating the name of the receiver and the name of the sender

And the e-mail address of the recipient as a notice of such transaction

QHow to register as a buyer?